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A lot of ground to cover...

According to the LJ front page, it's been 21 weeks since I updated this journal. Pretty crummy considering I promised the last few times I would get better at posting regularly.

Summing up the last 21 weeks would be a monumental task that everyone would take one look at and declare "tl;dr" so to save everyone some trouble, I'll just recap the last eight weeks.

Exams were fine. Nothing unexpected, nothing out of the ordinary.

After getting home on the 7th, I immediately began preparing myself for my interview with Maryland Public Television and Motorweek on the 9th. I drove up to Owings Mills, MD, where I talked to a very nice woman who had no idea why I would drive for an hour to work for Motorweek. In trying to explain it to her, I found myself confronted with a serious problem. If I couldn't explain exactly how this show combines my two passions to her, how could I hope to explain it to the guys downstairs who actually work on the show?

Thankfully, whatever detritus spewed forth from my mouth during the interview must have convinced her, since she passed me to Brian Roberts, a producer for the show. He and I immediately clicked and began discussing our own car experiences in lieu of a real interview. He basically said that my dedication and enthusiasm sold me and that I could begin work at the beginning of June.

That being taken care of, I then needed a real job. In keeping with the automotive theme of the summer, I applied to be a lot boy at a bunch of car dealerships from Aston Martin to Mercedes-Benz to Saab to Audi to Ford to... well, you get the idea. In keeping with the "I need money" theme, however, I also applied to a ton of retail stores that never bothered to call me back. Fortunately, one car dealership did, Stohlman VW/Subaru/Mitsubishi, and a week later I was hired as a "porter," which is just as not-awesome as it sounds. Basically I wash cars on Monday through Wednesday, and on Saturday, I act as a go-between for the customers and the service writers. But, the job pays, and the uniform is relaxed, so I'm happy.

Working at Motorweek has convinced me more than ever that this is the greatest profession of all time. In the past three weeks, I've driven an RV, a Suzuki SX4, a Mercedes-Benz SL550, a Lincoln MKS (not for sale for another month or two), a Toyota Tundra Quad Cab (ungodly huge), a Ford Flex (still in pre-production trim), and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR. Starting some time in the next two or thee weeks, I'll start writing reviews, with some of my comments already being integrated into on-air reviews. I may even be on TV as a model for the interior of the RV. What a job, right?

Saving the best for last, I've seen Kerianne twice already this summer, and she'll be down here in less than a week. I went up for Memorial Day (and didn't sunburn myself on the drive up this time) and had a great time picking out a new cat! Sienna is adorable and very energetic (read: hyper). Just this last weekend, I flew up to drive to Forestville for Sarah's wedding. Kerianne and I were so happy for Sarah and Jeremy and the wedding was beautiful. It was at a vineyard and was very low-key and intimate. Spending three-plus hours in two days in a car with someone is a good test for any relationship, and I think Kerianne and I passed with flying colors.

There are a lot of things I haven't mentioned yet that I'll have to get around to in the next entry. Spoiler: It involves moving!

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