iamkingofpirate (iamkingofpirate) wrote,

Audi to build e-Tron concept


Apparently Audi has decided to build the electric e-Tron concept from the Frankfurt motor show, despite saying at the time that there was no way, no how that thing was getting made. I guess they sure showed us, huh?
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Keep posting these I'm enjoying them! Good luck on a permanent writing position
Wow, thanks man. It really helps to know that someone is reading and appreciating these. I just looked at my total income from these things and it kinda made me want to just forget the whole thing.

What are you doing these days? I'd ask and call, but I just got off work and it's almost one in the morning.
Hey there always good for the portfolio even if your making pennies...I'm great just started a job at Comcast again and hope to take the LSAT's soon! How's DC?
DC's good, Kerianne will be moving down here in the next month or so since she just got all her paperwork in for her awesome new job. I'm paying the bills doing a little of this and a little of that, I'm just trying to make the freelance thing happen on a more regular basis.

Good luck with the LSATs, and if you're ever in DC, let me know.