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6 things

Alright, so I've been tagged to do this twice, so I guess I should jump on it. The point of the post is to write 6 things that have made you happy recently, and then tag 6 people to do the same. Here it goes:

1. Kerianne and I went to Pumpkinville over in Great Valley. We did a corn maze, and watched them shoot corn out of cannons, and tried maple cotton candy, and generally had an excellent time together.

2. Over the break, Dad and I put 110 miles on the motorcycles in 2 days. I'm really starting to feel comfortable on the Kawasaki, and I hope the practice will pay off this summer at a magazine.

3. I really feel like I'm getting Arabic. The handwriting is beautiful, IMHO, and speaking it is entertaining in the classroom if nothing else.

4. The Hickey listened to my suggestion and is now leaving doughnuts out all day. Sweet!

5. I'm enjoying living by myself. Don't get me wrong, I liked living with Jared last year, and living at home with the family is cool, but I like being semi-autonomous.

6. I'm re-reading The Best of James Herriot, an autobiography by a vet in the farm country of England from the 30's to the 50's. I listened to his books on tape in the car when I was a child, and I forgot how much I loved them.

Now for the tagging. I guess I have to tag Jon, Colleen, Nate, Miguel, Mike and Johnny aka Crumb-Bum.
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