iamkingofpirate (iamkingofpirate) wrote,

Only one week this time...

So just to give everyone a little update, I've been in talks with Warren Brown, the car reviewer for the Washington Post, about maybe getting a job reviewing motorcycles for them. Perhaps this requires background.

Part of my job is moderating online discussions on WashingtonPost.com. I always do Warren's chats on Friday mornings, and we've had some interesting conversations about what was going on in the automotive world. His writing style isn't my favorite, but who am I to judge a nationally syndicated columnist anyway?

So one day, someone in the discussion asked about the possibility of bringing motorcycle reviews back (We had them for a while before, but we dropped them when the columnist left for a real motorcycle magazine.). I asked him about it in private, and he said that they were working on bringing it back but that they needed a writer. I volunteered.

This was almost 3 weeks ago. Warren hasn't returned my phone calls or e-mails since. I've still been doing the chats, but our conversations have basically stopped.

I've given up hope. In fact, I've kinda given up on reviewing motorcycles for a living. Honestly, I think I started too late. Most of the reviewers in the professional mags started on dirtbikes when they were 9 or 10. I'm too far behind the curve.

Plus apparently Warren doesn't think I have whatever it is they're looking for.

So now I don't know what I want to do for a living. I will say this though: With GOD as my witness, I will never work retail again if I can help it. This job at Swarovski sucks.

Speaking of which, I need to go take care of that.
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